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“Mind-Body-Soul Healing”


Do you feel like everything is going right for everyone else but You?

Do you feel if  something can go wrong it will to you? 

Do you feel like you are simply cursed because you seem to have negative things going on in your life all the time?


This can be changed because it was never God’s will

for us to be unhappy, sad or lonely!


It is time to create a real change in your life with;


“Mind - Body - Soul Healing”


It is getting to the seed source and removes any negative, black or dark energy. 

God did not put this kind of energy there and with his help we can get it cleared out once and for all!

Here is what we are providing during each Mind - Body - Soul Cleansing and Healing:


1)   Change your negative contract’s past, present and future in your Akasic record :                              $280 .00 value

2)   Remove negative cords from past and present life or entity attachments:
$320.00 value

3)   Clear the most important Chakra’s one
through twelve:
$225.00 value

4)   Soul Purpose Re-attachment:                         $80.00 value

5)   God Source Connection:
$90.00 value

6)   Intuition Clearing for the third eye:
$120.00 value

7)   Abundance clearing in Akasic record:          $280.00 value

8)   Mend Heart Tears and fix Aura leaks:          $100.00 value

9)   Assist in physical manifestation healings “priceless in some cases”:
$1,800.00 value

10)   Individualized Clearing as per instructed by my healing spiritual guides:
$120.00 value

Total cost if all of the above were treated individually   $3,420.00!

Network of Christian Psychics:
Special Introductory Offer for all of the above

ONLY $349.00 !!!!!

And best of all, it can be accomplished with a one time 90 minute phone consultation

With your sincere desire to truly change your life and with the assistance of Angels we can clear

everything at once. No need to piece meal all of the above, if it’s done right the first time. 

Why are we are charging only $349.00 instead of $3,420.00?


We want to help everyone live a better, healthier and happier life because our special advisor Celtic Cami is gifted with the powers by God, working for God who has guided her to make her services available to everyone rich or poor, healthy or sick, believer or seeker.


Check on line what others are charging for each one of these individual services.


You will see that some of the numbers we quoted are actually low. 

Call Celtic Cami


to reserve your

90 minute

 Mind - Body - Soul Healing

Call Today:403-455-3892



Yes with God’s and the Angel’s help Celtic Cami can facilitate all of the above cleansings, healings, removals and balancing.  She will book up quickly so please call as soon as you decide to move forward with making your life a better one.



Celtic Cami is also on the immensly popular internationally broadcasted Radio Show:

"The Network Of Christian Psychics"

You can call Celtic Cami and place this on any major credit card or for your convience you can also pay using PayPal below:
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Right Now Complete Mind - Body - Soul Cleansing and Healing is only $349.00!




Please read through this page and you will see why I am giving away
over $3,141.oo worth of Healing's, Cleansing's and Balancing for free!



              "Mind - Body Soul"

                Cleansing - Healing - Balancing
                      Removal of  NEGATIVE ENERGY, Bad CHI, Psychic Attacks,
                      Love Blocks, Overcome Darkness and
                      Bring in Positive Energy For Love, Health,
                      Prosperity and Happiness!

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