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There are three ways to receive a  Psychic Reading or Cleansing:

1. Simply call the number under the Psychics Name on the Home page of this site and they will provide you with a reading after collecting your credit card information.

2. Choose to pay through PayPal and click on the appropriate box below for the amount of time you wish to speak with the Psychic.  After payment is made
the Psychic will contact you for your appt.  You may request a specific Psychic and provide times that you are available and your phone number in the comments section of PayPal.

3. You email us and request one of our Psychics contact you via telephone for a reading or  an email reading and/or clearing.

To help with a failing economy that our clients have been suffering from we have reduced our reading prices by 50%. For this month we are reading for only $2.99 a minute.

If you wish to pay via PayPal just click the appropriate box below.  You can always add time while you are talking with the Psychic if you wish to extend your Psychic Spiritual Reading:

Our 5 Minute Get Acquainted Reading:
Always specific normally only time
to answer one question with some detail.

5 Minutes = $14.95


Our 15 minute Several Questions Reading:
Specific with an opportunity to ask several
questions and receive answers with detail.
15 Minutes = $44.85

Our 25 Minute More In depth Reading:
Psychic will provide you with a reading and you may ask
as many questions as you like during this 25 minute session. This is
by far our most popular reading as it allows lots of information to be provided
to the client and ample time to ask questions.
25 Minutes = $74.75

Value Reading 35 Minutes with 5 Free Reading:
This is a value packed reading with 35 minutes of time with one
of our incredible Psychics.  Get all the information you need to
make your life exactly what you want it to be. This reading
comes with five free minutes of reading time.
35 Minutes = $89.70

This 3/4 of an hour Reading Takes The Cake.
This reading allows you to get a wonderful reading and
have time to ask many questions and even perhaps get messages from those
who may have crossed over.  Plus you also get 5 Free Minutes with
this option.  Pay for 40 but get 45!
45 Minutes = $119.60


Our Best Value 65 Minute In Depth Reading:

This reading allows you to ask questions and the Psychic to
provide detailed answers along with information on your Guardian Angel
and complete a One year "Into The Future" reading so you can
anticipate life's changes. You also receive five free minutes with this reading.
 Plus you can possibly connect with a loved one or ones who
have crossed over into Gods Sweet Heaven

65 Minutes = $179.40


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